VectorGlobe onboards Bin Abed Transport Co. to latest IoT platform.

VectorGlobe onboards Bin Abed Transport Co. to latest IoT platform.

Dubai, UAE, Monday, 24 August 2020: Established in 2003, Bin Abed Transport Company (BATC) has been growing and acquiring a strong brand presence in the transport sector in UAE and GCC. Fueled by the vision of being recognized as leaders in this industry, Bin Abed expanded its operations to manufacturing trailers in 2014. This very vision has made the team to adopt technology to stay ahead of their competition. The VectorGlobe (VG) team is making this happen by developing BATC’s digitization roadmap and powering their assets through a specialized solution, FleetElements.

BATC was seeking to upgrade to a more specialized and advanced solution as they have cross border cargo movements pan-GCC, and superior visibility is of prime importance, especially in their business of shipping high-value cargo. With FleetElements, they receive enhanced edge-computed programming, which combines the elements of time and movement to provide exceptional visibility into their fleet movement. Furthermore, the Routes module captures and extracts the minutest detail of asset movement as a summary of journeys of the day. This allows the BATC team to have a holistic view of their assets. Another nifty feature is the tracking links that enable BATC to engage with their clients by providing them visibility of their cargo movements without needing to log into a web application or even install a mobile app, it’s all possible by a click of a button – it’s that simple!

“Bin Abed always strives to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Our goal is to innovate, simplify and deliver the best services to the customers using efficient technology. The only way a transportation and logistics provider can stand out in the industry is by catering services with consistency, clarity, transparency and ensuring peace of mind. VG helps in achieving that with their state-of-the-art system, which showcases current status and various other parameters of our assets. Tracking and analytics have been much easier and more convenient with VG. Bin Abed, along with VG, aims to increase the value of time and productivity with simplifying and standardizing processes that provide end-to-end visibility. Transportation in the modern world is handicapped when the customer is unable to get the shipment’s status and whereabouts, and VG helps greatly in eliminating that hindrance.” stated Umesh Sharma, Executive Director, Bin Abed.

“Our approach has always been consultative. Much before we onboard a new client, we engage to understand their business needs, their pain-points and their unique dynamics. We consider these as the building blocks to design the simplest tech pathway for our clients to gain maximum digitization capabilities. The aim is to make it simple and engageable.” said Ali Khan, Director – Project Management Office, VG.

Moving forward, BATC and VG want to synergize their domain expertise to draw deeper analytics for truck movements. Ranging from delays at border crossings, fuel management to predictive driver behavior training, and more, eventually developing a unique predictive analysis model that would tell which shipments will make it to their destination on time. Future learnings and experiences of both the teams will contribute to the development of newer layers and features of FleetElements.

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