Ambitious Climate Action

Think Bigger, Act Bolder’: COP28 President Dr Sultan Al Jaber Calls for Ambitious Climate Action and Highlights AI’s Potential

Dr Sultan Al Jaber, COP28 President, urges governments to adopt ambitious climate plans aligned with the UAE Consensus, emphasizing AI’s potential to achieve sustainability goals. His call to action at the Petersburg Climate Dialogue in Berlin underscores the importance of a united global effort to address climate change.

1. UAE Consensus

Established at COP28, this framework sets global climate action targets, including peaking emissions by 2025 and reducing them by 43% by 2030.

2. Renewable Energy Goals

For the first time, global renewable energy targets were included in a COP agreement, with a 2030 deadline to end deforestation.

3. Investment Needs

Dr Al Jaber highlights the need for $6 trillion in investments in renewable energy infrastructure and grids, especially in developing countries.

4. AI’s Role

AI is a key tool in increasing efficiencies, addressing renewables’ intermittency issues, and reducing water usage.

5. Ambitious NDCs

Governments are urged to submit robust, Nationally Determined Contributions that focus on green infrastructure and economy-wide emission reductions.

6. Fair Transition

The energy transition must be fair and equitable, respecting different paces for regions and ensuring strong cooperation.

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VectorGlobe stands at the intersection of technology and sustainability.

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