FleetElements is designed to enable your business to digitize its operations entirely. Automation engineers and Transport and Logistics industry consultants have combined their strengths to build an application that connects you to your fleet, your customers to their goods, and your stakeholders to potent data. The application doesn't just offer visibility and security; it is about a technological transformation that helps your business improve its offerings and harness new growth opportunities. Whether you move goods or people, you are industrial or service-oriented, this application addresses your specific business needs.

Power of Data

Data and Analytics will be the deciding factor that separates smart companies that will evolve with the technological disruptions from the companies that resist change, and hence will shrink or disappear. Companies that gather, mine, and drive decisions based on data will hold their fort in the new tech economy.

Evolving Business Models

Business models are becoming dynamic. Giants and niche experts are exploring horizons beyond their current capabilities. SMEs and competition-sensitive players are opening doors to collaborate to offer customized services and products. To do this, businesses first need to understand their core business capabilities.

Customer-driven Markets

Companies need to understand that business models and customer interaction is rapidly changing. Customers have the power, and businesses that understand this will thrive. Whether you operate in a B2B environment or B2C, customers are adopting technology faster than businesses. Companies need to move fast to keep up.

New Economic Ecosystems

Its a game of value-adds. B2B or B2C, customers want options, flexibility, and convenience. Smart business thinkers are either building or partnering to enter such ecosystems which are built around harnessing technological advancements like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data, and more.


Goods Transportation (Cross-border & Local)

  • Superior visibility into vehicle movements using distance and time metrics.
  • Capture all your journeys for the day and view them as summarized routes for a holistic view.
  • Engage with your clients by allowing them to track real-time information about their shipping status.
  • Real-time communication with the drivers using our Mobile App.
  • Compliance with Local regulations such as Axle load monitoring.
  • Ready API plugins available to integrate with any system.
  • Track Utilization, Maintenance, Repairs and other documentation requirements in one central repository.
  • CANBUS connectivity option to extract engine related data such as Fuel Levels, Temperature, etc.

Passenger Transportation

  • Ensure the safety of your passengers by using our Driver Behaviour Module.
  • Track driving behaviour of your driver's against set standards, and receive alerts and locations of all offences.
  • Grade all driver's against a scorecard to find out best / worse drivers and decide on reward and punitive actions.
  • Reduce fuel costs and increase the life of your fleet by monitoring drivers' behaviour.
  • Real-time communication with the drivers using our Mobile App.

High-value or Hazardous Cargo

  • Ensure the integrity of your Pharma and fresh food products through the state of the art temperature monitoring modules.
  • Ensure your driver's strict compliance to HSE standards to prevent incidents due to driver fatigue using Tachograph.
  • Advanced edge computing to monitor the driving behaviour of drivers in great detail.