MachineConnect by VectorGlobe

A solution specialized in leveraging data into insightful information. Designed to digitize machines in the true essence of real-time visibility and remote control capabilities. MachineConnect is not only the convergence of Operational Technology with Information Technology but a fundamental shift in how organizations can evolve business models and their end solution offerings; ultimately enabling Quality as a Service and new revenue stream possibilities. The four key reasons to upgrade to this solution are:

Power of Data

Data and Analytics will be the deciding factor that separates smart companies that will evolve with the technological disruptions from the companies that resist change, and hence will shrink or disappear. Companies that gather, mine, and drive decisions based on data will hold their fort in the new tech economy.

Evolving Business Models

Business models are becoming dynamic. Giants and niche experts are exploring horizons beyond their current capabilities. SMEs and competition-sensitive players are opening doors to collaborate to offer customized services and products. To do this, businesses first need to understand their core business capabilities.

Customer-driven Markets

Companies need to understand that business models and customer interaction is rapidly changing. Customers have the power, and businesses that understand this will thrive. Whether you operate in a B2B environment or B2C, customers are adopting technology faster than businesses. Companies need to move fast to keep up.

New Economic Ecosystems

Its a game of value-adds. B2B or B2C, customers want options, flexibility, and convenience. Smart business thinkers are either building or partnering to enter such ecosystems which are built around harnessing technological advancements like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data, and more.

Building & Construction.

Digitize your equipment, and gain the freedom to access all the performance reports to create a preventive and predictive maintenance environment at your construction site.

  • Remote health check of your equipment on-site - Notifications and detailed reports on equipment handling, usage and vital parameters.
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance of machinery through a multi-level alert system with the added capability of checking the availability of spares in case of breakdown.
  • Reduction in Warranty Expenditure by performing real-time digital checks of equipment, automated scheduled maintenance and equipment performance analysis.
  • Multiple layers of ensuring equipment utilization and optimization via comparative analysis, violation reports, power produced and connected load studies and more.


Communicate with your equipment remotely. Keep real-time tab on machine usage and health, improve your ROI and aftermarket part sales.

  • Increase your Aftermarket Part Sales via reports and data on use and maintenance. The overall lifespan of equipment is improved through automated checks and preemptive servicing.
  • Evaluate Equipment Performance by accessing real-time data and insight on usage and utilization parameters. Additionally, track equipment health and conduct preventive maintenance.
  • Data is presented for easy computation, long-term planning, and optimum equipment management.
  • Reduction in Warranty Expenditure by performing real-time digital checks of equipment, automated maintenance and equipment performance analysis.


Connect with your on-site pumps remotely. Get digital control and performance analytics. Mitigate flood threats in real-time.

  • Remote control of your pumps through live monitoring, performance analysis and simple 'click' adjustments from the comfort of your screen.
  • On-site Flood Mitigation via real-time alerts and notifications that allow for remote pump start/stop, RPM insight, pump flow data, pump failure, and more.
  • Energy Consumption Monitoring through trends and reports reveal opportunities to reduce energy usage and optimize system performance.
  • Predictive Service and Maintenance Planning via automated scheduled checks, notifications for pump servicing, and reports on equipment operational parameters.
  • A customizable cloud based IOT Platform.
  • Data Visualization, Signal-based Conditional Alerts, and Digital Maintenance Schedules.
  • Increase in Aftermarket Part Sales.
  • Reduction of Warranty Expenditure.
  • Evaluation of Equipment Performance.
  • Overall Equipment Utilization and Effectiveness.
  • State of the art EDGE Computing capabilities to extract data from CANBUS/MODBUS using smart logic.
  • CAN Bridge Capabilities.
  • Connect to your machine’s CANBUS System remotely.
  • Heat Maps for Signal-based Utilization.
  • Data is presented in Excel workbooks for easy computations.
  • Ingestion of Data in Microsoft Power BI for Analytics and Predictive Algorithms.