Energy for Development

Energy for Development: Key Insights from #SpecialMeeting24 in Riyadh

The Special Meeting on Global Collaboration, Growth, and Energy for Development in Riyadh brought together global leaders to discuss accelerating the energy transition.

The focus was on ensuring equitable access to energy while promoting economic development. Key sessions covered various aspects of the energy transition, highlighting the importance of investment, technology, and inclusive policies.

1. Catalyzing Action on Energy

    Leaders discussed prioritizing equitable and inclusive energy access to support sustained economic development.

    2. Investment in Clean Energy

    Emphasis on increasing investments in clean energy, especially in developing markets, and strengthening financial viability.

    3. Rapid Deployment

    The need for rapid deployment of new clean power, grids, and infrastructure to meet the goal of tripling renewables by 2030.

    4. Green Molecules

    Exploration of the role of green hydrogen, ammonia, and biofuel in accelerating the energy transition.

    5. Energy Demand Transformation

    Strategies to reduce energy demand across sectors, particularly in industry and the built environment, to double energy efficiency by 2030.

    6. Critical Minerals

    Ensuring sustainable and sufficient production of critical minerals essential for the energy transition through public and private collaboration.

    Revolutionizing Machinery Emissions.

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    VectorGlobe stands at the intersection of technology and sustainability.

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